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  • Vlad Dracula is a man without age. He was first gifted unique powers hundreds of years before the opening of the Rent in the Sky, and now spreads his curse to others, using them as cattle to further his ascension towards godhood.

    This box is a perfect starter to a Strigoi gang. It contains a devastating Noble Strigoi, two Thralls to provide sustenance, a powerful Common Strigoi, and the berserk Newborn Strigoi. A Strigoi gang is all about risk versus reward - using their Life Points as Will Points offers them huge power, but leaves them open to retaliation.

    Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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    Released on Dec. 1, 2018


  • Sociopaths to the person, the Doctors of the Ospedale care not about any of their patients. Any benevolence they have is only a cover for their own wicked agendas, kidnapping the sick and torturing them to further their own magical research.

    This box is a perfect starter to a Doctors gang. A Plague Doctor is a specialist mage, a brutal Warden, and a Doctor of the Arsenal with a powerful long-ranged gun that draws power from the two Madmen. A Doctors force focuses on dangerous magic users who need ineffective Henchmen to power their eldritch spells.

    Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.


    MSRP $35.00

    Released on Dec. 1, 2018


  • The Guild are an organisation shrouded in secrecy. Existing in even more anonymity than the rest of Venice, this sprawling group have a hand in every pocket across Venice. Their agents hide in plain sight, protecting the citizens of the city, but only for a price.

    This box is a perfect starter to a Guild gang. With a fast and deadly Capodecina to lead the precision-specialist Barber, brutish Butcher, and two press-ganged Citizens. The Guild are a faction all about having the right character in place at the right time, and relying on powerful Command Abilities and weight of numbers.

    Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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    Released on Dec. 1, 2018


  • The forces of the Vatican are led by Pope Clement XV, a person inextricably linked with the emergence of the Rent in the Sky, and

    therefore the death of millions. They have come to Venice to jealously guard the secret of magic in the most brutal ways possible.

    This box is a perfect starter to a Vatican gang. An Inquisitor leads the gang with twisted miracles, two Priests enforce God’s will, an Altar Boy spurs on the gang with incense, and an Executioner provides muscle. The Vatican are a defensive gang, able to take a lot of punishment and give gang-wide bonuses to each other.

    Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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    Released on Dec. 1, 2018


  • The Stormsiren is one of the Gibbering Hordes' Commanders. She brings the average of 25 Scrip to the game, which she can use to hire the units she needs to defeat her foes.

    She is one of the only Commanders with a Tactics value of 3. This gives her a few more options than other Commanders. She also creates an additional Tide Pool piece at the start of the game, giving Companies that contain her even more battlefield control.

    Her Grasping Tentacles attack has a good Strength, but if she manages to get you in water that's where it really shines. This is made easier for her with the use of Siren's Call, which lets her move an enemy Fireteam. Since Commanders get a free Morale Action, she can use Siren's Call and still make an attack that turn.

    When the Stormsiren flips to Glory, she really begins to shine... she turns all Tide Pools into Hazardous Terrain and has the ability to create more as an Action, giving her massive control over enemy movements. What's more, her Siren's call becomes even more potent, allowing her to move entire enemy units and move them further than before.


    • Stormsiren, a Gibbering Hordes Commander
    • 2 Squads of Striped Skulkers (9 models, 5 sculpts for each)
    • Squad of Karkinoi (9 models, 5 Sculpts for each)
    • All unit cards
    • Allegiance card
    • Gibbering Hordes generic, and Stormsiren specific, Assets (Fate Deck, Measuring tape, Cardboard tactics tokens)


    MSRP $100.00

    Released on Nov. 29, 2018


  • It is the year 2672, a time of war on a galactic scale. The mighty battlefleets of the United Colonies of Mankind are ranged against those of the alien Scourge, vile overlords of humanity's once great homelands – the seven Cradle Worlds and Earth itself. The Colonies are on the offensive, the will of an entire species bent on vengeance. This grand endeavour is known as the Reconquest; the greatest military enterprise in the history of mankind. Thousands of ships and millions of soldiers battle for victory in the void and on land.

    Play your part in these war-torn times. Fight for noble humanity or the dreaded Scourge in orbital battles for supremacy, played with finely detailed miniatures. Command fleets of colossal warships, unleash strike craft and deploy your ground forces in strategic naval battles above a war-torn planet. Prepare your vessels; the battle for mankind's future has begun!

    This 2 Player set contains everything you need to get started in games of Dropfleet Commander, including two starter fleets, a 3'x4' gaming surface, and a wide selection of tokens. This incredible boxed set also includes the full sized Dropfleet Commander rulebook, a 224 page full colour tome containing immersive background, the game rules, complete fleet lists for all 4 factions and hundreds of lavish images. The complete contents of this boxed set are listed below:

    CONTENTS: United Colonies of Mankind (UCM) Starter Fleet: 3 cruisers (typical length 107mm) and 4 frigates (typical length 65mm).

    These multi-part, hard plastic, lavishly detailed 1:9150 (0.2mm) scale miniatures can be assembled as a wide variety of different classes.

    The Scourge Starter Fleet: Consists of 3 cruisers (typical length 112mm) and 4 frigates (typical length 58mm). These multi-part, hard plastic, lavishly detailed 1:9150 (0.2mm) scale miniatures can be assembled as a wide variety of different classes.

    NOTE: All ships are provided with a multi-part Dropfleet flight stand, designed to track in-game status without the use of tokens. Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.

    Dropfleet Commander Rulebook: 224 Page, full colour. Contains in depth background, the game rules, fleet lists for all 4 factions and captivating imagery.

    3'x4' Gaming Surface: 2x A1 double-sided posters. One side features a planetary surface; both posters can be joined to create a 4'x3' gaming surface. The reverse features stunning artwork.

    Scenery: 8x Card Cities and 8x Card Debris Fields, allowing a wide variety of game scenarios!

    Tokens: 102 punch out card tokens for fighters, bombers, ground forces, city sectors and much more!

    Gaming Tools: Retractable keyring tape measure (1m/38" length) and ten 12mm D6 dice

    MSRP $91.00

    Released on Nov. 1, 2018


  • WARGAMING IN THE WASTELAND! This two-player starter set in pre-assembled multi-part colored PVC is all you need to start playing and includes rules for solo & co-op play!

    In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare players will build their own crew from a wide range of factions, allies and iconic characters from the Fallout series, and play in apocalyptic games of 3 - 30 high quality 32mm scale miniatures through a huge variety of iconic scenery and settlement buildings, from the Red Rocket to Sanctuary Hills, Nuka-Cola vending machines and wrecked cars. Pick units or characters to be Heroic giving them access to V.A.T.S bonuses and then select a Leader who can gain Perks and other abilities to support your crew. Develop your settlements buildings, defenses and resources which impacts your crew’s army list and abilities in the wasteland.

    Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will include narrative campaigns as well as standard caps based battles. You can also start a random mission with narrative-style objectives, search the wasteland for gear, weapons or caps. Caps recovered in missions can be used to improve the crew’s perks, weapons, gear, and upgrades for the next encounter. Gameplay supports either Player vs. Player, Co-Op or Solo play.

    This Fallout: Wasteland Warfare two player starter set contains 32mm scale high-quality hardened multi-part pre-assembled PVC miniatures with scenic bases. Miniatures are fully assembled in the factory. You can upgrade this with the resin miniatures upgrade kit to get all the miniatures in multi-part high-quality resin or get the separate two player starter set in resin.


    • Aviator Head Super Mutant
    • Super Mutant Brute
    • Standard Super Mutant
    • 2 Super Mutant Hounds
    • Nora (the Sole Survivor)
    • Dogmeat
    • Enslaved Tech Survivor
    • 2 Settlers (one male, one female)
    • Brotherhood of Steel Aspirant in T-60 Power Amour
    • Deathclaw
    • 12 scenic bases (will be affixed to models)
    • 24 Large cards: Unit, AI, Reference
    • 100+ Small cards: Items (Weapon, Equipment, Mod, Chem, Power Armour), Boost, Heroic, Quest, Perk, Leader, Explore, Event, Wasteland (Danger, Creature, Stranger)
    • White Skill dice d20
    • Red Armour d12
    • 2 Black Damage d12
    • 2 Armour Reduction d12
    • 2 Green Accuracy d12
    • 2 Blue Special Effect d12
    • 5 Training missions following the Survivors and Super Mutants
    • 5 Tournament Missions
    • 5 AI Missions
    • 5 Narrative Missions.

    PLUS Everything else you need to play: Two die-cut counter sheets including over 260 small counters, 60 large counters, two full sets of 6 cardboard range sticks, Rule Book and Ways To Play Book plus 3ft x 3ft paper game mat. 1-2 players. Ages 14+. 40-120 minute play time

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    Released on Sept. 18, 2018


  • Epic warfare is an inescapable part of the Star Wars™ universe, and you can lead your troops to victory with Star Wars: Legion™, a two-player miniatures game of thrilling infantry battles in the Star Wars universe! As a miniatures game, Star Wars: Legion invites you to enter the ground battles of the Galactic Civil War as the commander of a unique army filled with troopers, powerful vehicles, and iconic characters. While innovative mechanics for command and control simulate the fog of war and the chaos of battle, the game’s unpainted, easily assembled figures give you a canvas to create any Star Wars army you can imagine.

    2 players. Ages 14+. 3 hour play time

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    Released on March 22, 2018


  • The Viridian play an important role in the Watchers. Deployed as airborne Chigoe assault units or as fire support Locust teams, the Viridian excel at targeted strikes. The Viridian Betas provide excellent unit command, giving the Chigoe and Locust units the benefit of their leadership and experience. Ultimate authority resides with the Viridian Alpha who commands all the warriors of his Clade and focuses their actions so that victory belongs to the Watchers.

    The wise Viridian Alpha deploys with the Chigoe and Locust in battle as the powerful Viridian Clade to strike at the enemies of the Watchers. This boxed set includes six fantastic plastic and resin miniatures, a rulebook, tokens, templates, dice and the Action and Adventure card decks. This multi-part kit can build 3 Viridian as either Locusts or Chigoe.

    The Viridian Clade Starter Set contains

    • 1x Viridian Alpha
    • 1x Chigoe Beta
    • 1x Locust Beta
    • 3x Viridian Locusts / Chigoe
    • 6x Bases
    • 1x Wild West Exodus Rules and Gubbins Set
      • A Softback A5 Rulebook
      • Condition Tokens
      • Blast and Torrent Templates
      • 4x D10 Dice
      • 1x Action Card Deck
      • 1x Adventure Card Deck

    Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.


    MSRP $58.33

    Released on Feb. 24, 2018


  • Set on the continent of Ulaya, The Drowned Earth is a tropical world, thick with jungle, swamp and tropical archipelago.

    Once, The Drowned Earth was the home of a great, futuristic civilisation. Their cities spanned the globe, and they were beginning to conquer the solar system.

    A terrible cataclysm ended that civilisation. For hundreds of years nature reclaimed the earth, prehistoric monsters ruled the wilds, while the survivors of the cataclysm known as "The Event" struggled to survive.

    Now, a new Enlightenment has dawned. The fragile glimmer of civilisation has begun to shine, and the fight is on for who will control the knowledge being discovered in the ruins of the ancient world...

    In addition to the rules, replete with full page illustrations, diagrams and charts, this rulebook contains everything you need to know about the land of Ulaya, the setting for The Drowned Earth miniatures game. A detailed map, character biographies, descriptions of locations, governments, geographical information and all the major races.

    This beautiful book isn't just a manual aid for how to play the game, but your guide to The Drowned Earth universe!


    1x 180 page, full-colour Hardback copy of The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game Rulebook

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    MSRP $48.93

    Released on Jan. 1, 2018


  • RUMBLESLAM is the original fast paced fantasy wrestling game for two or more players. It’s easy pick up, tricky to master, and lasts around 45 minutes.

    RUMBLESLAM wrestlers step into the ring to brawl, grapple, leap from turnbuckles, showboat, and bounce around the ring. Pinning your opponents or throwing them out of the ring is the aim of the game, with no small amount of black eyes for good measure!

    This boxed set has everything you need to get started in the ring of RUMBLESLAM. The set includes a second edition rulebook with brand new tweaks and changes, including brand new tripping and pinning rules! There are two teams of intricately sculpted single-piece miniatures, character cards showing their full abilities, custom dice, tokens, and even a neoprene ring mat to play on!

    With an emphasis on fast gameplay that gets you stuck into the fight immediately, you'll find loads of moves and inspiration taken directly from the squared circle. From bouncing off the ropes all the way to getting sponsored by Orka-Cola and summoning the power of the crowd, RUMBLESLAM is designed for quick and intense matches on a small board. Perfect for playing at the end of a games night or in the pub!

    This set contains literally everything you need to get started in RUMBLESLAM:

    10 unique resin miniatures – two teams are in the set: the Heavy Pounders and Green Bruisers. Humans, Halflings, and an Ogre are reliable and beginner-friendly, and the Goblins, Orcs, and Troll are a wild bunch that can go very wrong or VERY right! These miniatures are all one-piece, meaning you can get playing with minimal assembly time.

    RUMBLESLAM 2nd edition rulebook – the complete 48-page book filled to the brim with wrestling fun! There are sections on each casino in RUMBLESLAM, and plenty of gorgeous pieces of artwork. This new edition makes several key tweaks to gameplay to give a more well-rounded experience and make every wrestler as useful as the next. Plus fan-favourite pinning rules are here!

    Neoprene ring mat – Able to roll up and unfold without any creases, this mat is the best way to get playing the game. With squares marked on and a rich design, you'll find it easy to transport and even better looking to play on.

    10 character cards – These have full stats for all wrestlers accompanied by their beautiful art (although those Orcs are far from beautiful!). Each has their own set of skills and a unique Crowd Pleaser - use these when the crowd are cheering to summon hidden powers and strength!

    Dice & counters – 16 custom dice to use for RUMBLESLAM's tiered skill system. A Silver dice is better than a Copper, and a Gold dice is best of all! The Crowd dice are adorned with Cheers and Boos, which change depending on how the fans feel about you! There are also 64 acrylic counters to help keep track of who has extra AP, whose Crowd Pleaser is active, and who is bleeding, among others!

    Contains 10 resin miniatures and 10 clear acrylic bases. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly. Miniatures supplied with square bases.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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    MSRP $63.00

    Released on Jan. 1, 2016


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