Bushido Ro-kan: Kaiyo and Mangetsu

Released on: Oct. 6, 2023
Barcode: 701318820723
Published by GCT Studios
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Community and protection are values held dear by the villagers of Jwar, as they are stronger together rather than apart. Kaiyō & Mangetsu represent these stalwart beliefs and the concepts of life, death, salvation or endless torment. They appear as rippling reflections in bodies of water such as ponds, pools, wells and the like. They are a duality spirit, two halves of a whole existing in harmony, just like the temples and the villages of Ro-Kan exist together — a perfect symbol of their reliance on each other.

Bastions of the Mountain players will eagerly add these kami to their warbands. This duo offer unmatched Ki generation and manipulation in a Villager list at the cost of their fragility. In addition, Virtue and Healing are a crucial part of Villager Warbands.