Star Wars Unlimited: Shadows of the Galaxy Prerelease Sealed

Releases on: July 6, 2024
Only available for pickup
Barcode: SWU20240706
Published by Fantasy Flight Games
Created by Valhalla Hobby
27 at Valhalla Hobby

You will need the email on your pre-registration order to check-in at the event, and you will need to provide your Unlimited ID at the event.

Valhalla Hobby will be having a Star Wars: Unlimited Prerelease on Saturday, July 6th at 12pm! The prerelease will be 4-5 swiss rounds (4 for 16 or less players, 5 for 17 or more players). Each round will have a 55 minute round timer and will be best of three games. Each player will receive 6 packs to create a sealed deck.

Prizing is as follows:

  • First Place - 6 Shadows of the Galaxy Prize Packs
  • Second Place - 4 Shadows of the Galaxy Prize Packs
  • Third / Fourth Place - 3 Shadows of the Galaxy Prize Packs
  • 5th through 8th Place - 2 Shadows of the Galaxy Prize Packs
  • 9th through 32nd Place - 1 Shadows of the Galaxy Participation Pack

Event Schedule:

  • 12:00pm Sign-In
  • 12:15pm Deck Building
  • 12:45pm Round 1 Paired
  • 1:45pm Round 2 Paired
  • 2:45pm Round 3 Paired
  • 3:45pm Round 4 Paired
  • 4:45pm Round 5 Paired
  • 5:45pm Final Prizing

    The schedule assumes maximum number of rounds and that all rounds go to time. This event is expected to end before 6pm.