Bushido Ro-Kan: Senshi

Released on: June 9, 2023
Barcode: 701318820600
Published by GCT Studios
1 at Valhalla Hobby

Very few kitsune master the requisite discipline and aptitude to become a Queen’s guard. Only the very best among already exemplary warriors can fulfil this role. Their stone-faced stoicism and sheer wrath in battle make them some of the empire’s most fearsome combatants. They believe in death before disrepute and will gladly lay down their lives supporting their Queen and everything she stands for. Senshi is the epitome of this. Fearsome, loyal, lightning-quick on the battlefield with an annoying habit of being precisely where he needs to be while the enemy prays hard he will appear elsewhere.

Kitsune and Temple of Ro-Kan players always like to see the Vitality Ki Feat giving extra activations when needed. Senshi’s array of Traits - including Adept and showing combat results other models cannot achieve - make him good on his own. His unprecedented Bodyguard range of 6” is not just a defensive tool but an excellent positioning option. The Kitsune are a fast, early-game warband, with the Sublime Daisho offering a late-game boost where needed. This could prove invaluable.