• "Gather 'round...Gather 'round. Prepare to feast your eyes on creatures of myth and legend. Don't scream, you might... provoke them". What the Doctor revealed was truly a scene from myth and legend. Creatures both peculiar and majestic, exactly as the tales of their appearance describe. It was almost too magical to be true.

    A growing menagerie comes bursting forth, giving the Doctors even more creatures to bring to the streets of Venice. On the job learning sees an Apprentice doctor trying to become a master of zoology corralling their charges. The Basilisk possesses potent venom that can incapacitate any unfortunate enough to feel its bite. Launching a hail of spines from afar is the Manticore, an agile creature with lethal accuracy and unsettling appearance.

    Swooping from up high with its claws to bare is the Hippogryph, a great aerial option that the doctors can put to good use. Finally there is the largest of the beasts, the mighty Hippocampus, this sea stallion is perfectly at home at the crests of waves. Charging onto the streets from the canals, this seahorse can stun and knockback any unfortunate enemies in it's path.

    Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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    MSRP $35.00

    Released on Aug. 14, 2023


  • The new Signature Paints are here! These paints are created with artists from the community and represent colors that they use constantly. You get the same great Pro Acryl formula you love and help support those who create great content too, as a portion of each sale goes back to the artist on the label! 

    22ml bottles. Set 4 Colors include -

    • Dark Crimson
    • Dark Emerald
    • Heavy Titanium White
    • Brown Grey
    • Bone
    • Dark Bronze

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    MSRP $28.50

    Released on Aug. 8, 2023


  • These Behemoths bear more than a passing resemblance to the smaller Oppressor, although they upgrade to walking on eight legs instead of six. Though still fast, this makes the Scourge Light Behemoth somewhat slower than the heavy-limbed Heavy.

    The Punisher is unleashed by the Scourge when they care little for collateral damage. Its forelegs are a pair of hive-like structures that can carry a range of munitions, from explosive pods, to Razorworms. Its tail houses a Quake Bombard, a weapon capable of shaking buildings right down to their foundations.

    The Persecutor is the anti-behemoth variant. It is armed with an underslung Plasma Destructor - one of the most powerful plasma weapons the Scourge have comitted to conflict. Backing up this mighty weapon are hull mounted Heavy Plasma Cannons, they themselves are capable of turning armour into molten puddles.

    Contains 18 single-piece resin miniatures with 6 plastic bases to make 6 units of Razorworms and 1 multi-part resin miniature with parts to assemble as either a Punisher Terror-Mech or a Persecutor Terror-Mech.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Any miniatures or scenery are shown for scale only and not included.

    Please note that Behemoths are massive kits, and advanced modelling projects. Extra care, attention, and hobby skills will be required to assemble and paint them. Because of that, this kit it is only recommended for advanced modellers. Some parts will need heating and bending to fit perfectly straight and slight gaps might need filling.

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    MSRP $70.00

    Released on Aug. 7, 2023


  • The Sarpedon class has been observed on multiple occasions at the head of so-called 'Javelin' strikes - lightning assaults on certain, enigmatic surface positions before rapid and unexplained retreats. Some suggest that limited ammunition payload may explain this, but senior operatives of the Office of Naval Intelligence suspect that's just wishful thinking.

    Following the same design ethos as their dreadnoughts, all of the Sarpedon battleship’s main weapons are energy-based. Firstly, a linked pair of Meganova lasers provide superlative ship-slicing capability - even another battleship may be crippled by a single, sustained burn. Secondly, two hull-mounted multi-lance lasers can bracket and pulverise smaller ships with frightening ease.

    The Kairos class has only just been observed in combat, and it’s superstructure suggests it is part of the Grand Fleet’s new family of battleships. The Kairos forgoes the Meganova lasers in favour of additional drives for a massive increase in combat speed. It uses battleship-grade munitions which can inflict crippling damage to any target. Once in the fray, the class’ hull-mounted multi-lance lasers can mop up any escort vessels fleeing the flaming wreck of the Kairos’ latest victim.

    The Rhadamanthus has been operating since just prior to the opening salvos of the Battle For Earth. Unlike the other vessels, the Rhadamanthus uses the PHR’s older power core structure, most likely because it was rushed into service. Augmenting the fearsome neutron missiles with even more close action weaponry, this is the PHR’s most aggressive battleship, since these weapon’s low power consumption allow it to achieve the same blistering thrust as the Kairos.

    Contains 1 resin miniature with parts to assemble three variants, and 1 plastic Dropfleet Commander base and flight stand.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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    MSRP $42.00

    Released on Aug. 4, 2023


  • Tabletop game meets tarot in this fun, useful tool for divination, making it perfect for daily readings as well as in your next campaign.

    Welcome to The Ultimate RPG Tarot Deck, where you’ll find 78 unique tarot card designs inspire by the exciting world of fantasy RPGs!

    Based on the symbolism of the Rider Waite deck, these cards depict traditional tarot archetypes through the themes of sword-and-sorcery tabletop role-playing games. Featuring fantasy-fueled card interpretations like the Fool depicted as a first level adventurer, stepping out on their first quest, or the pentacles suit reimagined with loot and gold pieces, this deck brings your favorite campaign to life in a new way. It’s the perfect deck for your daily divination, or to use as an in-game tool for idea generation, in-game readings, randomized events, and more! Included with the deck is a guidebook which explains how to use the deck for divination or gameplay, and provides definitions explanations for each card.

    With fun, action-packed art, and authors Jef Aldrich and Jon Taylor’s cheeky RPG humor, The Ultimate RPG Tarot Deck takes your tarot readings and your gameplay to the next level!

    2 in stock

    MSRP $24.99

    Released on Aug. 2, 2023


  • Kinshi and Rokan players have been waiting a long time for this model. Indeed, it was first written in 2015! Kinshi Players will know it has many synergies with various Kinshi models, including

    replacing the Husk when killed. It can also accelerate the collection of Void Counters.

    In a Rokan Warband, it helps keep Monks topped up on Ki. For both Factions, the Kami can steal Ki Tokens from the enemy, hampering their ability to use their abilities. Doing this at both melee and ranged attacks gives this Kami many options and is a must-buy for Righteous Warriors players.

    5 in stock

    MSRP $14.99

    Released on July 31, 2023


  • Kai Chen had joined the navy to escape his rural life, see the world and do his part for the Celestian Empire. He’d heard about the Zhanmadao in training camps but even after learning about their use as a central command unit for a battlefleet and seeing diagrams, he was still awestruck when he finally saw a ‘castle in the clouds’ for the first time. The size of the Fortress was almost incomprehensible to him, larger than any of the naval vessels he had seen in his life by far. The sun played across it and cast shadows in the same way the buildings of his barracks and offices did. Kai wondered at the power that would keep a thing like this in the air. The crew alone needed to man this wonder of engineering must be in triple figures. That it carried a squadron of fighters as well as their support staff hadn’t yet crossed his mind and already he found it dizzying. At that moment Kai Chen knew he had made the right decision to join the navy and would make it the rest of his life’s work to be posted aboard a Zhanmadao. This was an example of the Empire’s glory and no-one could stand against it.

    This box contains:

    • 1x Zhanmadao Sky Fortress
    • 2x Ziwei Sky Bastions (may also be built as Qianshao Class)
    • 6x SRS Tokens

    3 in stock

    MSRP $75.00

    Released on July 31, 2023


  • Armbot is the name of the PanOceanian Military Complex’s attack Remotes. They have been designed to carry support weaponry because they are lighter, cheaper, and easier to produce than a TAG but faster than any Heavy Infantry.

    This box includes 3 injected thermoplastic miniatures: 1 Bulleteer with Spitfire, 1 Peacemaker with Heavy Shotgun and 1 Auxbot with Heavy Flamethrower. The perfect complement that combines speed and firepower.

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.

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    MSRP $39.49

    Released on July 31, 2023


  • 2 in stock

    MSRP $37.99

    Released on July 28, 2023


  • Keyword: Red Library. Contents:

    • Linh Ly, Bibliothecary
    • Jade Rabbit
    • Mâp Máp
    • Bookkeepers x3

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    MSRP $55.00

    Released on July 26, 2023


  • Players will embrace the Power Cosmic with the Cosmic Ghost Rider Character Pack. This stand-alone powerhouse is hell on the battlefield, clocking in with high mobility, diabolic character displacement, and good old-fashioned pistol play. Equipped with Team Tactic Cards that boost both himself and the Guardians of the Galaxy Affiliation, this star-struck menace is ready to unleash the Spirit of Vengeance!

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    MSRP $44.99

    Released on July 14, 2023


  • The nefarious General Grievous terrorizes the Republic! Unleashing the Separatist Droid Army throughout the galaxy, Grievous has proven to be more than a match for his Jedi adversaries. A shrewd military strategist, he makes use of brutal tactics to claim numerous victories and instill fear in his opponents. This pack adds a new squad of General Grievous, Kraken, and two B2 Battle Droids to Star Wars: Shatterpoint that players can play right away or use alongside other characters to create their own custom squad. In addition to the beautifully sculpted miniatures of all four characters, players will also find all the stat, order, and stance cards they need to bring these characters to life on the tabletop.

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    MSRP $49.99

    Released on July 14, 2023


  • There is no more embittered rivalry than the one between Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, the emperor's most terrifying enforcer and apprentice. Their duels have shaped the very course of history. Clashing with unmatched intensity, each knows every strength and weakness of the other. Now you can recreate the pair's first meeting from the Obi-Wan series with the You Cannot Run Duel Pack. This set includes two brand new characters for Shatterpoint, Darth Vader & Obi-Wan, Out of Hiding along with an immersive terrain display that players can use to showcase the moment from the show when not using them in game.

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    MSRP $89.99

    Released on July 7, 2023


  • Warhammer 40,000 Corebook for the new edition

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    MSRP $65.00

    Released on July 1, 2023


  • Starmada, O-12’s space fleet, was born out of the need of Bureau Aegis to be a global action force, endowed with an acting capacity that reaches anywhere in the Sphere.

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    MSRP $35.99

    Released on June 30, 2023


  • Keyword: Returned


    • Kastore, Awakened
    • Marathine
    • Gwyll
    • Blood Vessels x3


    MSRP $60.00

    Released on June 30, 2023


  • “I’ve never seen anything like it. How can something so massive just hang in the air? Sure, we've got airships but at least they follow the laws of nature. Glorified balloons I can understand. What did you call it; a Thule? That was something else. I thought those huge thrusters were keeping it in the sky at first but I think it only uses them to maneuver. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was. We saw the shadow before we heard it arrive. It got loud pretty quickly though. Fighters screamed out of the section where the two discs joined. Some sort of light came out of the rim of the disks and carved across our bow. Sliced through it like we were paper. I’ll never forget the sound. That screech shook me to my core, made my bones itch. Spent the rest of the battle getting thrown around in a lifeboat so I don’t know how much more intel I can give you. Can I go back to the ward now?”
    Seaman Jake Davis: USS Scituate, Farragut Class Frigate.

    This box contains:

    • 1x Thule Sky-Fortress
    • 1x Adamski Strike Saucer (may also be built as Haunebu or Valtar Class)
    • 6x Euclid Scout Saucer (may also be built as Pytheus Class)
    • 6x SRS Tokens

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    MSRP $75.00

    Released on June 24, 2023


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    MSRP $250.00

    Released on June 24, 2023


  • To evade the divine laws is to summon the wrath of the Kitsune themselves. Follow the path of your destiny, the one set out for you before you were even born, lest the Kitsune hunt you down for your transgressions against nature inviolate. The Kitsune are both Judge and Executioner against the worlds of the kami, the living and the dead. To stray from the path, even just a little, could mean death but fear not, for if there is retribution to the guilty, there is restitution to the innocent; all that matters is what you choose to be.

    Box contains nine miniatures supplied with bases and twenty one full colour cards.

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    MSRP $84.00

    Released on June 9, 2023


  • 36 Packs per box.

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    MSRP $161.64

    Released on June 9, 2023


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