• Raised in the seedy underworld of New Orleans as part of the Thieves Guild, Remy LeBeau left behind a life of crime to join the X-Men. Using his mutant power to charge objects with explosive energy, Remy fights evil as the hero Gambit—and now he’s flipping his way into your games of Marvel Champions: The Card Game! By building up charge counters, Gambit can power up his attacks with explosive results, and as a thief extraordinaire, he can thwart even while in alter-ego form! With this Hero Pack, you will find Gambit, his fifteen signature cards, and a full assortment of Justice cards inviting you to thwart the villain’s schemes with style! This pack also includes a bonus modular encounter set featuring Exodus, the herald of Magneto!

    For players eager to challenge Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, they can get started with the Gambit Hero Pack! This expansion comes with a 40-card pre-built deck, giving players the chance to start playing right out of the box.

    2 in stock

    MSRP $16.99

    Released on Feb. 24, 2023


  • The cunning Moff Gideon enters the battles of Star Wars: Legion in this new Commander Expansion! Continuing to serve the Empire after the Battle of Endor as a leader of his own remnant of Imperial forces, Moff Gideon is the cornerstone of a new Battle Force players can utilize in their games of Star Wars: Legion. With the Darksaber in hand and his three signature command cards at his disposal, he’s ready to fight to restore the glory of the Empire.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $19.99

    Released on Feb. 17, 2023


  • 2 in stock

    MSRP $11.99

    Released on Feb. 4, 2023


  • Did you hear that laugh? The clown prince of crime now becomes king! The eternal annoyance of Batman. The one who has created chaos in Gotham city many times, claim his place as Gotham King!


    • 1x Gotham Kings The Joker Miniature
    • 1x 60mm Plastic Base

    MSRP $37.03

    Released on Jan. 31, 2023


  • Contents:

    • 75mm Iconic Titania
    • 32mm Iconic Titania
    • M3E Stat Card

    2 in stock

    MSRP $55.00

    Released on Jan. 31, 2023


  • The largest vessel produced by the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, the Heilong strike battleship emphasises combined attacks with deadly rocket and Huoqiang fire to annihilate its foes. While not as large or impressive as some of the heavier Japanese vessels, the Heilong is still an impressive sight and inspires confidence in her allies and dread in her foes.

    A heavy assault ramp replaces the prow of the Ergun assault battleship. Volleys of alchemical rockets and gun battery fire pummel into enemy emplacements and shore defences, as the vessel closes in, then with a clash of metal, the ramp descends and the assault begins. Scores of heavy infantry pour forth to storm the defenders and sweep away all resistance.

    This box contains:

    • 1x Battleship
      • (Can be built as either a Heilong or Ergun Class ship)
    • 1x Tianlong Draconic Colossus
    • 1x Cruiser
      • (Can be built as either a Jian, Wusong, Meru or Dao Class ship)
    • 2x Gong Destroyers
    • 2x Shanghai Class Frigates

    • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.

    2 in stock

    MSRP $52.49

    Released on Jan. 28, 2023


  • The perfect pack to complement and expand the scenery from your Operation: Crimson Stone

    This 3mm cardboard scenery pack, two-sided printed, includes an Objective room, two small buildings, a sniper tower, a console, two bridges, two staircases, an inner ladder, an inner walkway and a 24x32 inch paper gaming mat.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $35.99

    Released on Jan. 27, 2023


  • Welcome to the world of YAFSIGA! Created by Corey Sullivan.

    All the components you need to start your own narrative adventure into the Bloomsreach!

    • 1 YAFSIGA Core rulebook. (Around 100 pages, this may increase as the event unlocks more items)
    • 1 Full color token sheet
    • Deluxe scenario generation deck
    • 1 FREE Telogradi Banner Bearer

    9 in stock

    MSRP $69.99

    Released on Jan. 23, 2023


  • 2 in stock

    MSRP $37.99

    Released on Jan. 13, 2023


  • Players test their skills against the pinnacle of Hydra might in this new pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! A twisted machine of occult warfare, the Hydra Tank found in this pack has one purpose: total annihilation. No mere terrain feature, this pack contains everything players need to wage battle across a Hydra-dominated field in the all-new Fire at Will! Ultimate Encounter. Whether they take control of the Hydra Tank itself or those who oppose it, all will know the power of Hydra.

    4 in stock

    MSRP $69.99

    Released on Jan. 13, 2023


  • A new villain charges into Marvel: Crisis Protocol! With a durable second skin grafted all over his body, the aptly named Rhino is stronger, tougher, and more inured to pain than your average supervillain. This pack adds this rampaging villain to players’ rosters, giving them another powerful option in the Spider- Foes and Criminal Syndicate affiliations. Additionally, three Team Tactic cards enhance Rhino’s abilities, making him even more versatile in battle.


    MSRP $34.99

    Released on Jan. 13, 2023


  • A Caelesor only ever took to the field of battle surrounded by the most trusted of his men. A great Caelesor ensured that these companions were also competent. Alexius the Great, First of His Name, considered to be by many the very greatest ruler the Old Dominion, employed only the very best: Erik the Red, Nicephorus the Stalwart and Sidon the Ancient are still the standard against which friendship, loyalty and skill are measured. Buried in the same tomb, Alexius and his Companions arose bedecked in the full Regalia of the Dominion, ready to enforce their will on a world gone mad. 4 resin deluxe OD sculptures and a highly sculpted resin base, sepuentially numbered to 500 (460 for sale, 40 for prize support in 2023)

    2 in stock

    MSRP $124.99

    Released on Jan. 7, 2023


  • The new Signature Paints are here! These paints are created with artists from the community and represent colors that they use constantly. You get the same great Pro Acryl formula you love and help support those who create great content too, as a portion of each sale goes back to the artist on the label! 

    22ml bottles

    Vince's Set Colors include -

    Dark Jade

    Payne's Grey

    Royal Purple

    White Blue

    Beige Red

    Dark Yellow Green


    MSRP $28.50

    Released on Jan. 6, 2023


  • Dahu, Pirate Queen comprises one mounted version of Dahu and one version on foot, is a multi-part figure for use with the Corsairs faction in The Drowned Earth.

    She and her Baryonyx mount are supplied with a 50mm base. while the infantry sized model is supplied with a 30mm base.

    3 in stock

    MSRP $48.93

    Released on Dec. 31, 2022


  • Single large miniature made in fine quality resin. This miniatures is multipart and requires assembly.


    • 1 x Eric, the Enlightened Miniature, base and stat card

    3 in stock

    MSRP $39.00

    Released on Dec. 17, 2022


  • 2 in stock

    MSRP $42.00

    Released on Dec. 17, 2022


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    MSRP $39.99

    Released on Dec. 16, 2022


  • Armies: Combined Army

    Morat are known for never surrendering. They will always fight viciously until there is nobody left standing. While aware of danger and knowing that defeat is unquestionable Morat will remain in their positions.

    This box includes 3 miniatures: 1 Zerat with Boarding Shotgun, 1 Dropsuit Taryot with Boarding Shotgun and 1 Rindak Paramedic with Submachine Gun. With this box you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the Morat collection you started with the Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack (Ref. 281616-0934).

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


    MSRP $56.99

    Released on Dec. 16, 2022


  • MSRP $230.00

    Released on Dec. 10, 2022


  • The famous rivalry between two of the deadliest weapons to emerge from the Weapon X Program hits the tabletop with this new pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Logan once counted Sabretooth among his few friends as the pair fought beside one another on a covert team, but Sabretooth’s unshakeable bloodlust tore the team apart, and now they face off as bitter rivals. Featuring beautifully sculpted new miniatures of Logan and Sabretooth, this pack adds new versions of these iconic characters to players’ rosters and introduces the new Weapon X Program Affiliation to Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Additionally, players will also find 6 Team Tactic cards that further enhance Logan and Sabretooth’s abilities as well as several props that allow players to customize their bases.

    1 in stock

    MSRP $99.99

    Released on Dec. 9, 2022


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