Dystopian Wars: Legends of the Crown

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The prototype submersible Nautilus was famously appropriated from the Crown by the daring and swashbuckling privateer Captain Rani Nimue. Her loyal and eclectic crew have adventured the globe, their tales of seeking legendary artefacts and fabulous treasures are the fodder of lurid tales that captivate all who hear them. As a mercenary, the Nautilus serves any with the coin, even the Crown who reluctantly must pay for the services of their own erstwhile submersible. 

The flagship of the Canadian Atlantic Defence Fleet, the HMCS Tilloch Galt gained renown in action against the Imperium during their attempt on the Labrador Sea in 1873 and against the Commonwealth during the Ghosts of Midwinter in 1876. She inspires any battlefleet she fights alongside and has become a symbol of Canadian naval power. Merchant vessels making the long journey between the British Isles and Canada cheer in welcome when they come under the protection of the Tilloch Galt and her unbreakable Guardian Generator array. 


  • 1x The Nautilus
  • 1x HMCS Tilloch Galt
  • 5x Escorts

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted, and some assembly will be required.